Back in the USA

I am now back in the United States. After many very long plane rides I have arrived.

On these plane rides I met two interesting people. From Japan to Atlanta I met a guy named Chris who designed motorcycles and paintball guns. We had a bunch of good convos and he reminded me of some people back home. He also showed me pictures of his new motorcycle prototype and paintball gun prototype. The flight was a bit rough but we arrived exactly on time, one hour before we let 🙂

I then waited at the gate in Georgia until the plane was delayed 30 mins. I also got a chocolate milk! After boarding I met a nice young Indian Aussie! Immediatly I asked if  she hated New Zealanders and she said when she was younger she did! We had an excellent conversation the whole trip. THere was no inflight movie so we just talked. She was very nice on her way back from her sisters wedding in Bangkok.

I got to baggage claim and got to see my family. It was nice. Then we wrote home. Stopped at Dairyqueen in my parents home town, and got home really late.

Thanks everyone so much for following. I am going to try and go through this blog and reedit and rewrite it and possibly try to publish it.

So for now Sayonara to both you and Japan.


~ by Joe Hund on April 27, 2010.

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