My Last Day at TUJ

Today was my last day at Temple Japan Campus. I went in for 12 for my final crit with Ian. It was a good class after all the work was done. After crit Ian talked to me about internships and gave me some names that I should contact in order to get them. I was super stoked and gave him one of my prints. I hope to see him again very soon, he said he will be in Philadelphia in a couple of months.

I then went to wrap up my bust with Kevin. I had to buy some bubble wrap but I think it will be okay. I also gave him one of my prints. After this final day I had to go and collect all my works and bring them home… in the rain. I got a bag and it was tough. The bust ways 10-15 pounds and it was really bogging me down. But I survived.

When I got home I gave a bunch of stuff to some friends who are staying here. I also gave them a print to decorate their new apartment. Aki-san also received from me a dragon print and my final computer imaging II poster. He was happy to hang it on his wall.

Jaime, Kevin, Keds, Jess, and I all went out for some drinks at Lawson. Jess quickly got away after one drink because she was the only girl. We then tried to get sushi at a place nearby and then it happened. My first rejection based on my race. They told us that it was toexpensive for us and that we should try the take up place down the street. We didnt even know what to do. It was funny.

We then decided to go to a chinese restaurant. It was fun but I was already drunk. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and it took two chu-his and I was stumbling. Jaime and Keds waled me home. I took a quick nap or a long one I can’t remember but then Keds and I went out again! Just for one and we just walked around Japan for hours in the AM. No one was out and it was awesome.

On the way home we found a frog in a park and got to take pictures of it. It was so calm and let us pick it up. Keds got to touch a frog  for the first time. He was really excited.

We continued hanging out until the sun rose. Then it was bed time.


~ by Joe Hund on April 21, 2010.

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