Finals Always Make you busy

Sunday was spent in school. My friend Abby and I went in hoping to go to Pancake world, but she feared she did not have enough time. We ended up going to Saizaria for lunch instead.

We then headed for school. I worked for the next few hours to get all of my stuff cut and taped together. A bby left to go to the Documentary Class’ film festival. I stayed and finished being glad I could.

When all was said and done I had a bunch of awesome prints. When i got back to the dorm alost no one was around. I decided to go to the Sento or hot bath in Ontakesan with Jaime.

In no place on Earth will you ever feel cleaner then a sento or onsen. The constant washing and cleasing literally washes all your “sins” away. 🙂 It is very relazing and when you leave you feel as if the rest of the world is dirty. When I got back I realized I forgot to redo a project and finish another. because of this I stayed up way to late.

The next morning I went in early with Abby to get all my stuff together. A bunch of people showed up late for the critique. Everyone really liked my stuff and I was happy to get so much praise. Hopefully I get the A I deserve and will not be graded harshly on based on my skill.

All the memebers of my printmaking class, all girls except one strange boy, invited me to Karaoke, but I could not go because i had to print, tape, and tile all of my projects for Ian’s class. After class I went home to go right back out with Jaime, Jess, Lauren, and Aki-san.

It was the first time he had come out with us and we were treating him to dinner. He is an awesome guy and I wish him all the best in the future. I really wish he could have come out with us more. Dinner of course was at Doma Doma, and I wore the same shirt as last time…. because I had no more clean clothes, they were all drying from the wash I swear!

PS: I took pics of some flowers today so thats why they are in here 🙂 More on my flickr!


~ by Joe Hund on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “Finals Always Make you busy”

  1. loves your pictures of the tulips – My favorite flower!

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