Thursday… First Real Finals

Today I had my first finals. I woke up at 7:35, did a little bit of exercise then took a shower. I packed my camera today so that I could upload photos of my art projects. I left the dorm at 8:02, arrived at the train station at 8:14 and waited. And waited. The train was 4 minutes late. As I stood there I thought to myself how long it was taking and I was right. The 15 minute ride took almost 3o minutes! I was going to be late for my first final!

As I arrived at Tamachi with more delays, the time read 9:00. I booked it to get to class but I knew I was already late. Luckily my teacher was chill and was also a bit late so it was no big deal. We each showed a little reel of projects we put together and that was it! It was a fun class and a huge burden off my shoulders as it was the class I wanted to drop.

After I went to 3D to touch up some items before the FINAL Critique. My final project was done but I wanted to improve some of my older projects. So for the next 5 hourse I worked on projects and took breaks to hang out with friends. At 15:15 our teacher came in and began critique. I went first and everyone really liked my project. As far as some pictures here you go:

My concept was based on a story from my life, my first time drinking. A broad overview of a coming of age story we had made a movie and then my best friend Kevin and I got drunk for the first time. This camera was a reflection of that with the side screen being the recorded past, the viewfinder being the present, and the reflection of the future in the lens. Because it was about alcohol I made the camera out of alcoholic beverage cans using rivets. I then wired leds inside the piece to light up the pictures and draw attention to them.

Some of my other projects included my distopia, which you can see from the sketch is a bit graphic:

My Bust which has been seen many times by my cell phone camera:

And a Japanese temple I built out of cardboard:

I was happy with the way these projects came out. unfortunately I will not be taking them all back to the states. I will be packing up my clay bust as well as my camera final project.

Jaime, Quinn, and I then tried to go train for a while but we found out Fight club is no longer allowed at school. SO we came home, ate some dinner and enjoyed a peaceful night 🙂


~ by Joe Hund on April 15, 2010.

One Response to “Thursday… First Real Finals”

  1. Joe your work is awesome, I am soooo proud of you.
    I really liked your camera idea and the lights were definitely creative…

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