Thirsty Bloody Thursday

Yesterday was not a grand day. I had been up all night working on projects and finally got to sleep at about 6:30. I then woke up at 8 to go to class. For sure I will not miss the one hour commute.

I got to class at 9. I worked on one project and rendered it out. I am almost done with my computer projects, and I am not worried that I will not finish now. I also printed my project with a lot of trouble. First the ink cartridges were empty then 3/4 the way done the printer just broke. I had to go to another printer and it didn’t work. It was such a headache.

I then went to my next class and got some critique on my poster. Once mine was done I started to drift off. Before long my teacher kicked me telling me my head was bobbling and told us how funny he thought that was. I was then awake, but he told me to just chill and take a nap, it was last class. So I did. When I woke up I discovered a Kick Me sign on my back, thanks to my teacher. It was a good laugh though 🙂

Next was 3D. now I was tired and in a bit of a bad mood as I went to class. I felt like I was getting a lot done, but I was doing things wrong and my teacher showed me what I was doing wrong. It was a little depressing but Jaime came just in time to save the day.

The Last Fight Club. It was not happening because of a flea market going on in the cafeteria. I refused to believe it. I had a number of reasons to go tonight. So we did the next logical step to any situation like this.

We went to the pub. Well not a pub but 7 Eleven and got 4 Chu-His for both my project and ourselves. We went back into school and drank them talking to some friends that were passing by. Everyone thought we were crazy. But we were really waiting for the flea market to finish so we could just spare. After a while this finally happened.

We started setting up mats and then Kenny came in telling us to wait and we would have club. At this point we told him we just want to spar. He was down for that and after a few more drinks for my project it was Jaime vs Joe. The fight went down boxing style. I told him I was not going to hold back. Because of my larger size I had the advantage. Plus Jaime has a better ground game then me but we weren’t on the ground. The fight jsut kept going for 10-12 minutes. It was all striking the whole time. The only reason we stopped was Jaime started to bleed.

After a few more drinks Jaime was done. I on the otherhand was feeling great! So I challenged Shu to a sparing match. Shu is very high in the martial arts and is going to competition in June. The winner of that competition gets awarded some pro contract. Of course I was modest. I knew he would win and I told him so. He agreed to fight me and it was a ton of fun. At first my reach advantage and size difference was really helping me. For about 5 minutes we just went back and forth. Then Kenny told him in Japanese to change up his fight and go for close quarters combat. After that Shu got some awesome hits in. I then felt it erupt. Blood started pouring out of my nose like a fountain. FOr the first time someone had made my nose bleed. Because I was drunk I could not feel it. I had to have someone else tell me the fountatin had started. I ripped off the head gear but it was already stained. I tried to catch the blood coming out of my nose. There was so much and all I could do was laugh and congradulate Shu on the amazing hits. I then spit out all the blood in my mouth and went to the bathroom. About half way, Manabu gave me some toilet paper. It took about ten minutes for the bleeding to stop.

After a couple more drinks SHu told me how impressed he was that I went through two fights in a row. I told him how I really liked it and I wish I was better so I could help them practice. After a long fight night I realized how my father and his friends did it all 🙂

We then wanted to head out. I had to help Jaime out at first but then he was ok. We followed the Japanese guys to a Ramen shop. Jaime was not feeling well but got a bowl anyway. I ended up eating it. It was a fun time and as we parted from our MMA friends we wished them well and told them if ever they were to come to the states that we would hook them up with a place to stay and such.

I am really gonna miss these guys. THey are so disappointed that we are leaving after one semester. If anything I have learned on this trip that people can really become attached to you, and you don’t know or realize it until you have to leave. There are so any people here that really like me. I have made way more friends in Japan then Temple main and I didn’t even try. I am going to miss these people but meeting them and getting to know them has made me a better person… who now likes to fight for the right to party!


~ by Joe Hund on April 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thirsty Bloody Thursday”

  1. I always knew you had the personality Joe for everyone to like…and you shouldn’t have to try , just be yourself. Glad you have made many friends….try and keep in touch with them

  2. so fight club is like boxing? how exciting, i would love to learn how to do that. you can totally be my gym buddy in the summer!!

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