Too Short Tuesday

I rolled over as my alarm burst out into the silence of 7:30 AM in Ontakesan dorm. I knew I had to get up. It was just so comfy in my bed, and so easy to close my eyes and drift back into my crazy dreams. My alarm went off again, this time with a different tune telling me I had to get up. Tuesday was when the fight club met. I had not been to a meeting in 4 weeks because of heavy workloads. I had already decided that no matter what would happen I was going to fight club. The question was would I be nice enough to take a shower today. As my eyes began to close once more it happened. At first I thought it was my imagination, my bed was shaking. I half asleep did not realize what was happening. We were having a major earthquake and I was deciding if I wanted to take a shower or not!

Okay so the earthquake wasn’t so major, it was just my first. I really thought it was all in my mind until a fellow student asked me if I had just felt it as I walked to the shower. It was very strange, a subtle movement barely noticeable by the busy mind.

I took a quick shower and headed to school. I was exactly on time, our teacher however didn’t feel well and was a bit late. I didn’t care it gave me a few minutes to get some stuff done. After Moving photo I displayed my Zine to the class and they critiqued it in Computer Imaging II. As much as I do not like this project it is really starting to turn out well. We were suppose to have time to work in class but critique ran the whole time. Some people were upset but I didn’t care.

3D Design was then very frustrating as I tried to sew a flag together. Sewing is not really my forte, my big clumsy hands can never get the needle to work right. I don’t even care when I prick myself I just get pissed off when I turn out thread because it gets stuck on my hand! I also worked on another project the utopian relief cut. But no one cares about that you are here to see the real art, my clay bust 🙂 I finished it last week but was unable to get pictures so here they are.

Click for Larger

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After 3D I spent 4 hours at Fight Club. It was an “easy” day because many of us had not been there for a very long time. I was really tired and sore by the end, but it was well worth it. Jaime, Asante, and I went to Sukiya where I proved I was right again when recommending food. The trip home was fun too.

I got back and took a shower. Then I skyped my Wehrbear for a little bit because she had to go to her super scholarly mayan glyph meetings! I am really hoping right now that she is having a total blast. I should have told her to bring a camera so she could prove she was super young in comparison. Who knows maybe they will find her as the golden child to take mayan glyphs to the next age. I mean if no one young undertakes it the information will eventually die out! Thats  my Wehrbear, always changing history or what not ❤


~ by Joe Hund on March 16, 2010.

One Response to “Too Short Tuesday”

  1. Thanks babe:-) Day 1 was long, but super fun! I’m trying to be super scholarly lol

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