Wonderful Wednesday

Woke up went to class with Kevin and did our usual thing. I was on my laptop the whole time. After class I went to work on a group project. Like everyone, I despise group projects. As soon as I arrived of course there were problems.

For starters the Japanese kids didn’t get the right color green screen for our video project. It was partially my fault for not getting the paper myself. It will take me a little longer to make it work but its okay. But then the kid who had the camera didn’t show or print out the pictures he said he would. So we tried to print, which was a hassle cause the printer ran out of ink. The kid then showed up way late and wanted to print more copies in different colors. It was already to late to shoot because I had another class. It took 25 mins and only the girl came back to tell me the printer did not work and the other guy went home. I was very annoyed.

I went to my next class with this annoyance on my shoulders. I also felt really tired. But by the end of class that all changed. The whole class started talking to each other while we were working, which never happens with Japanese kids. One girl showed off her hidden anime voice talents. The Japanese kids were talking about how good her English was and how she had never been to the states. A couple of
Americans tried to explain to them that we could tell she learned from tapes and cds cause she sounds like a recording when she speaks, it is cute though.

After class I headed home to prep for Lauren’s Birthday night. At 7:30 we left for Doma Doma. We had reservations for nomihodai, which is unlimited drinks. Because we had a large group and reservations they also gave us a ton of food. It cost 3000 yen or about $33. It was a little expensive but we got our moneys worth. I think everyone had 7-10 in two hours. The most popular drink was milk and kahlua. We must have ordered 20 of those 🙂 Leaving Doma Doma some of the girls were stubling but the guys were okay.

We were then going to go to Karaoke, but first we had to get some drinks to sneak them in. And that’s when it happened, I bought my first completely legal bottle of alcohol. Throughout this blog it has been a frequent theme that Japan is expensive. Alcohol however is not. I picked up a .75 Liter bottle of Skyy Vodka, a 1 Liter Orange Juice and cups to share for $14.

We then headed off to our first Karaoke experience. However there was a problem. The trains stop at 12. It was now 11:15. Most of us wanted to stay the whole night and party like the Japanese, party all night until the first train at 5 am then go home. Some of us however, the smarter ones perhaps, did not want to do it because they wanted to study on Thursday. At this point I guess I should tell you that Thursday is a National Holiday in Japan so we have off. The prices however were set. For one hour it was $8 for all night it was $15. I was a little buzzed and was getting angry that some people wanted to stay for just an hour at that price. Realistically they would only be able to stay for 40 mins max cause then they would have to catch the train.

After much debating we decided to go to the a cheaper Karaoke bar. Some people were still unsure about doing the whole night and I might have been a little to pushy. For that I apologized later, or think I did at least… Then Lauren came to save the day, she convinced everyone to stay for the whole night for $10! What happens alot is people will just sleep on the couches in the karaoke rooms if they miss last train or get tired. You basically get your own room with a big tv, surround sound speakers, a table, a huge couch that raps around the room, and some Karaoke equipment.

We started to sing songs and it was a ton of fun. We all started to drink the SKyy, I ended up drinking way to much and made a fool of myself. But it was really fun. We sang all the good ones right at the start, Don’t Stop Believing, Bohemian Rhapsody, etc. As the night drew on the singing got worse and worse, at least on my end. When songs I liked came on way later I was too gone to sing them correctly. Apparently people enjoyed e being dumb, but not my singing. At one point I fell asleep on the couch. They all woke me up when they were ready to go. We decided to take a cab home at about 2AM. Splitting each cab across 4 people we learned that it wasn’t to expensive. From Kamata to our dorm the cab was $20. Split four ways that’s not bad at all.

When we got home, I skyped Heather who is witness to my drunken antics:) I tried to tell her all about Karaoke, and I think I failed to do so. She was still not feeling well and I tried to make her feel better to the best of my abilities from the other side of the world.

I had a wonderful nights sleep and it was wonderful to wake up at noon. I had no hang over which I have no idea how that was even possible. My throat was horse because of the singing though. I decided to take a long hot shower then. When I was done I saw all the people I went out with the night before. They were all headed to make breakfast. SO I decided to join them.

They were making pancakes and bacon, I simply made cheesy scrambled eggs and toast. About half way through, I couldn’t eat anymore.Whenever I drink a lot this weird thing happens to me where the next day I am not hungry. So I gave away my toast and no one could believe that I wasn’t hungry. It was pretty funny.

The rest of the day was all relaxing. I did my laundry, talked to Heather after she came back from the hospital, played some games, and just rested. I had a ton of fun and I really want to do it again, I was thinking maybe once a month 🙂

Happy Birthday Lauren-san!


~ by Joe Hund on February 11, 2010.

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