Long Tuesday

I was dreaming that I was taking pictures of sumo wrestlers up close, or rather trying to. Every time I tried to take a picture instead of a shutter speed this weird stupid jingle played. After the third attempt I was getting pissed! Then I woke up on the fourth try, realizing that stupid jingle was my alarm. Apparently i had set it to auto snooze. Now I was 15 mins late.

I rushed off to class without a shower. It was kinda gross but I got to class on time. I presented an idea for my next project and got some good criticism from my peers that sparked new ideas. Toward the end of class my teacher told me that he read my blog entry about him. At first I was surprised and nervous. He told me he has a program that tells him when his name has been posted on the web. I thought it was cool. Luckily I said all nice things 🙂

Next class, we started to learn InDesign which should turn out to be a valuable skill. It allows one to easily make layouts for books or magazines.

I then went to work on my bust. I got pretty far and have started to add some realistic features:)

After was fight club. As always it was tiring and now I am sore. At the same time it is a great workout. I am down to 98 kilos or 216 lbs. The workout is intense. I have trouble doing push ups cause of my toenails which kind of sucks but I try. I am pretty good on the ground but stink at blocking and striking. I wanted to quit towards the end before grappling, b ut Jaime convinced me to do it.

We got home at about 11pm. I had left this morning at 8am. It has been a long Tuesday.


~ by Joe Hund on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “Long Tuesday”

  1. I hope you mean 196 lbs….b/c 116 would leave you blowing in the wind 🙂
    Glad you are getting into shape, making yourself feel good.
    Take care, get rest and eat some vitamins

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