Fresh Friday

Got up, went to class with Kevin. We were early so we stopped at McDonald’s for a burger. Class was boring but we all got through it. After class I watched a few funny vids on the net then went home. It was so nice to get home during the day. I went home with Lauren-san. It was fun to talk. She has a boyfriend studying in Germany! So we have a lot of common with our girlfriend/boyfriend studying abroad. When we got back we went grocery shopping a bit. i got some banana’s, milk, kiwi’s, bread, milky tea, and juice.

Milky tea is kinda like the way my mom makes tea. I love when she forgets about it and leaves it out and it gets cold. That is exactly what it tastes like, and I can buy it by the liter here and its really cheap. It reminds me of home 🙂 When I got back home I eat some kiwi, watched some friends play Left for Dead 2, which they just got here, and chilled. Jaime then burned me a copy of a movie I had to watch for school so I could watch it on my laptop without the disk.

After watching a little I fell asleep for a while. I woke up later to download my font and play some smash bros. I am also goign to start working on a new font and sketched that out. My font should be on the web for sale later this weekend.

As I was getting ready to skype Heather, Ked’s told me he was going to daikichi for his birthday, which I am going to miss because I am not going to Sapporo. At first I was like no but then he guilted me into it saying he came to my b-day so I had to do the same. I let Heather know and she was totally cool with it 🙂 We had a fun time together and when I did get back I talked with Heather for a while 🙂 Looks like I a going to Guatemala 😛


~ by Joe Hund on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Fresh Friday”

  1. You are OFFICIALLY going to Guatemala now! 🙂

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