Hit low Thursday

Woke up late ran to school. I need to get rest because I stayed up to late last night because I was trying to upload a stupid youtube clip and it didn’t work so everyone I am sorry but you will have to wait for the weekend for videos.

My teacher Ian Lynam, a really talented designer. He went over a project with me that I threw together and thought it was good. THen after walking around the room and seeing everyone elses he came up to me after class and told me I did “Great”. It made me feel so awesome and I busted my to then get my font done. He then checked it out and told me flat out it is good enough to sell. THis made me super happy 🙂

Still on a high I went to my next class where we worked on our 1/2 scale busts. Mine is finally taking shape. It is interesting because I need twice the aount of clay and space. The calipers they have here are now big enough to measure my chest or width. I never thought I was so big.

Then it was time for Fight Club. Although the leaders couldn’t come tonight, our one friend took us through all the stretches and work outs. This time however we got out some gear and decided to spar.

I got some sweet video that I will upload later. I fought Eego, a short 105 lb Japanese kid as he showed me how to spar. Jacob and Jaime then fought. Then it was me and Jaime. In my first fight I tried to take Jaime down and he caught me in a gullotine. I lost. No big deal though.

The next time we fought we put on all the gear. Jaime said to go full strength. We started fighting. I got a couple good hits in, but my stance was all wrong I found out after the fight. At one point we got close to each other. I kneed him in the stomach. He went to do the same but instead kneed me in the balls. I kinda fell to the ground. Eego patted me on the back to try and make it better. About a minute later I was up again and fighting. As the round counted down to a close I messed up my footing and turned around and Jaime got me a few times. My mouth guard cut the inside of my mouth and there was blood! HAHAHAAH It was so fun, minus the hit in the balls.

We then went home to go to the bath house. Jaime offered to pay for my bath. It was nice. i will pay him back somehow. Kevin went with us too. It was so nice. Very calming and relaxing. On the way back of course we stopped at McDonald’s for a burger. I got one from Jaime 🙂 I then went back and ate ramen with two eggs. It was sooooo good. I then skyped Heather, and went to bed..zzz


~ by Joe Hund on February 4, 2010.

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