Sore Thursday

Today was a glorious day. I woke up and my sinus infection was gone. I headed to school and caught a train with Chad. We talked for a while until we got to far away to talk. Today there were ore people on the train then ever before. There was in an 8 ft by 8 ft there were 60 people. In one car there were over 250 people. I was like squashing people including a little old lady! It was insane. When we got off the train today they handed late passes to use as excuses. Luckily I arrived on time.

Class was okay and I got my concept down. Then I went to my next class. I have finally come down to the final rendering of my font! It should be done soon! When I finish it I will show everyone. 3D class was fun. We only have 4 other people in the class. We were also shown our new project, a clay bust. After a long day I was tired.

And that’s when Jamie reminded me that the Fight Club was meeting tonight. On top of that I got invited to the Digital arts Club and a free Movie! I was so tired so I went to the Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Four Asian guys starting setting up mats. Two big Japanese guys, a small one, and a full out pro fighter. They are really awesome and were n ice enough to allow Jamie and I to join. After signing the waiver for injury, we began. For 6 minutes we jumped on our toes. Three times! Then we did more stretching. For two whole hours we stretched! It was crazy. We did rolls on the ground, splits and butterflies. When I say butterflies I mean I was streching then a Japanese guy came and stepped on my knees making them touch the ground. Then another guy pulled my arms. I thought I was gonna die. So did Jamie. We both almost cried because it hurt so bad. But I did not pull my groin.

I was trying to keep up but by the time the pro fighter came in I had lost it. They started out with 100 pushups, then 100 crunches, 100 pushup, 100 crunches, 100 pushup, 100 crunches, 20 spider pushups, 20 square situps, on and off three times. I was dying. And these guys were going as fast as they could count! It was intense. We did a bunch more stretches. When we were finally ready to spar.

During stretching we were taught how to punch and kick. But we werent going to spar like that. We were going to do what Jaime wanted, submissions. We got into guard position one atop the other and had to break out and submit the opponent. They showed us how to do arm bar and how to choke someone out. They demonstrated it on us and it was intense. Then we tried it. We went ground and pounding the rest of the time. I was told I was strong, but I was so tired I started to just give up.

Jaime and I were so sore afterwards. We had just exercised for 3 and a half hours. And my backpack weighed 20 lbs, I weighed it on a scale. Getting home was tough, but using my secret train skills, we were able to get seats. I fell asleep on the train. When we got to Ontakesan we rushed home. Our plan was to go to the bath house and soak. Boy was it worth it. We got there, took showers and went in the hot tub 3 times. The water was 110 degrees F. In between we sat and washed ourselves with buckets. It was such a good idea. And it only cost $4.50.

We then headed home. I made ramen with two eggs for protein. Jaime ate 5 eggs. We might get really into this. Stop going out on the weekends, stop eating McDonalds and get buff. We will see how sore we are tomorrow!


~ by Joe Hund on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sore Thursday”

  1. So, that’s what you mean by sore 🙂
    I thought you meant you had a sore throat from being sick….
    It sounds like your body/brain got an intense workout. Please, rest and don’t over do it….

  2. The bathhouse is the best part of Ontakesan. Dang, I totally forgot to mention that to you but I’m glad you discovered it. That’s best part of the day when you come home tired and top it off with a trip the bath house.

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